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RollingStock WEATHERING Set.....Make your Plastic looking cars look more Real !

Price: $17.98

Item Number: Age-It1

"Tired of your Rollingstock looking too "BRIGHT" and too "NEW" out of the box you get them in? Transform them quickly !"

Take out of the box, Plastic looking Rollingstock and give it a makeover.....make it look "Roadworthy"......grimy and rusty with this can transform the look of your fleet quickly

the picture here took us under an hour and we took a out of the box, plastic car / bright orange and transformed it for a client to look old/ used.......not like it just came off the production line......
we use a 1" wide flat brush and start at the top of the car and brush down.....then focus the rust portion of the weathering around the truck/ couplers and rivets on the makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE to make the cars look much more real....and it's FAST....
work over your entire fleet starting here with this set....