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N Scale People, The ICE Dock / Platform Worker. Skidding Ice Blocks, Finished

Price: $9.49
Item Number: FN402P

"Finish your ICING Platform scene with the Right Figure ! ICE HOOK and Blocks included with Figure"

Do you have the Classic RR Icing Platform ? Here is your dock worker skidding Ice Blocks to load your REFERS ! He has his Ice HOOK in hand and comes complete with Ice Blocks as well !
N Scale Figures come FINISHED for you
Ice Was cut from the surface of local ponds and streams, then stored in ICE HOUSES prior to being shipped by boat, barge or the RAILROAD to it's final delivery point.
Ice Wagons and later Trucks were used to distribute the ice to household and commercial customers. The Ice trade largely revolutionized the Meat,
Produce and Fishing industries so that new ways of offering these products was introduced for sale to the public.

DO YOU HAVE ICE DELIVERY TRUCKS ? ICING PLATFORMS for your Refers to get supplied ? Homes or business customers that need delivery ?
DO YOU HAVE A Fishing Waterfront scene ? We have the "ICEMEN" to get your scenes accurately they should be !!

Attention to Detail makes a Layout Great....additional Designs below

N Scale People, Unpacking Boxes, Finished
Price: $8.99
N Scale People, Unpacking Boxes, Finished
The Box is open with Packing Peanuts and the worker is digging in Unpacking the box....Perfect for Loading docks, Industries, Storefront detailing and more. N scale Figures Finished
N Scale People, The PostMan with Satchel and Packages, FINISHED
Price: $7.99
N Scale People, The PostMan with Satchel and Packages, FINISHED
MAIL....MAIL....MAIL....Out for delivery...this Old Postman has his Satchel and Packages / envelopes for the busy Delivery day...In his Classic Postal Blue Uniform with Hat Comes Finished in N scale for you