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O Scale DragLine Bucket, Comes Pre Rusted

Price: $27.99
Item Number: OD2240P
we designed these because there is nothing on the market that addresses a larger earth moving bucket commonly used in civil engineering for road, port construction....pond and canal dredging and as pile driving rigs. rough dimensions are 2.5" L x 2" W x 2.5" H.......this represents a "Mid Sized" Dragline Bucket...we also have a smaller bucket available (HO Size ) if desired ........which works on smaller cranes if you are rigging to a crane Awesome for Railcar Loads, Crane detailing or scene detailing too !!

Spin the Model for a FULL 360 degree VIEW BELOW ........USE YOUR MOUSE or Finger TO SPIN AROUND...Enlarge and Decrease picture size with arrow symbol next to picture

Attention to Detail makes a Layout Great....additional Designs below

O Scale Detail CLAMSHELL BUCKET for cranes / detailing, FINISHED
Price: $23.99
O Scale Detail CLAMSHELL BUCKET for cranes / detailing, FINISHED
CLAMSHELL BUCKET.....Very Popular Industrial earth moving Clamshell bucket. Perfect for Industry cranes / scenes. COMES PRE BUILT and PRE RUSTED to look used and give it character. This O Scale Detail is exclusive through Model Tech Studios LLC