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O Scale 1920's-50's Era SUBWAY Entrance, "The Underground"

Price: $59.99
Item Number: S0176

"Now you can represent the "Underground" Subway on your layout...a detail we often forget on layouts"

Make your layout appear to go "UNDERGROUND"....this Classic Victorian Flair Subway entrance gives your layout viewer the concept of the underground transportation that exists in so many cities...
includes the stairs and handrailing vanishing to the subway platform
**the fancy victorian roof, entry canopy and stairs are pre assembled in cast sections for you already....detailed down to the "Entrance" lettering and down arrows inside the entryway
pointing to the stairs going down....
Click on the other picture shown here to see a roofline view as well

****These come UNFINISHED.......they are easily finished with Craft Store Water Based acrylic paints........
Approx  7 " L x 3.5" W footprint

**street lamps are not included**

Attention to Detail makes a Layout Great....additional Designs below

Advertising Signs, Old, Tattered & PRE WEATHERED, Set 1
Price: $6.00
Advertising Signs, Old, Tattered & PRE WEATHERED, Set 1
These Advertising signs have seen better days ! They come looking Old, Faded and well weathered for you. Perfect for building's, billboards, rooftop signs, fencing signs and more. ALOT of CHARACTER in this set of Weathered Signs !
O Scale 1930's-40's VENDING MACHINE Variety Pack
Price: $12.99
O Scale 1930's-40's VENDING MACHINE Variety Pack
Classic Vending Machine Variety super detailed selection of vintage machines from the 1930's-40's era including, The Cigarette Vending Machine, The Candy Vending Machine, Soda Pop Vending, Bubble Gum Machine and the Mint Vending Machine......