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O Scale WaterFront Series - SMITH BROS FRESH FISH Company Scene

Price: $185.00
Item Number: S0091

"Detailed down to the "BIG FISH CATCH" hanging beside the building...Really neat!!"

Scene Footprint approx 14" L x 9" W

right off the boat......

Pre Assembled Wood Shake Walls
The "BIG" Catch Fish hanging on a timber frame
Waterside Jib Loading Crane to load from the boats/ships
Old Wooden Shipping Dock Pre Assembled
Made of highly detailed Plastic with PRE CAST sections and PRE MILLED
parts........makes your build easy and fun with a great level of detailing
and it up to make it look old......our parts weather up
to look very realistic !!

OUR KITS are designed to make SCENES.....
we provide scene detailing in these kits that is not available or made anywhere else.......
each of our unique kits contains details mastered just for the scene to make it unique !!
Metal and Laser cut parts included in the scene