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HO Scale Detail NEWSPAPER PILES, The Daily News, 4 Piles

Price: $7.99
Item Number: D0318
4 Piles of the Daily Newspaper included
The daily newspapers getting delivered to your local business and general stores...
Detail your sidewalks with stacks of newspapers.  Also a great Train Platform detail for a News vendor scene.
**** These details are Unfinished....easily finished with "water based" acrylic paints available at craft stores ****ALSO AVAILABLE PRE FINISHED for you in our PRE AGED and Layout Ready Category on THIS SITE ***** HO Scale Detail 4 stacks of Papers
***Scale Figure NOT included with newspaper stacks......ALSO AVAILABLE PRE FINISHED in our PRE Finished Category on this site

Attention to Detail makes a Layout Great....additional Designs below

Advertising Signs, Old, Tattered & PRE WEATHERED, Set 4
Price: $6.00
Advertising Signs, Old, Tattered & PRE WEATHERED, Set 4
These Advertising signs have seen better days ! They come looking Old, Faded and well weathered for you. Perfect for building's, billboards, rooftop signs, fencing signs and more. ALOT of CHARACTER in this set of Weathered Signs ! Set 4
NEWSPAPERS, Multi-Scale Use
Price: $4.00
NEWSPAPERS, Multi-Scale Use
Cut detailed newspapers to any scale size desired........dozens of NEWSPAPERS out of 1 package.......detail your streets with garbage such as discarded newspapers.....